My Personal Story – Why I started Computers for Moms?

When my children started going to school, and needed computers – like every mom, I had to count my money. And there is no way I can afford three brand new laptops at that time and I don’t want them to feel like I have to ‘fight’ to use them if I were to buy just one.

I had a painful experience many years ago of buying a second hand laptop for myself, which turned out to be slow and laggy so I really am thinking twice of getting my children used ones.

Until I discovered refurbished ones and without hesitation bought three Lenovo laptops @$300 each for each of my children. Apart from HBL, we also carry with us when we travel overseas so they have a working laptop anywhere we go. It’s been over three years and not once did the laptops break down. It’s functioning so well until today.

Ever since then, my thoughts have changed. I never bought brand new again. My working desktop is a 27″ IMAC, my husband and I also have DELL Ultrabook Laptops, and my children and husband each also have gaming computers – they are all refurbished.

Refurbished computers are old devices that have been brought back to life. They get factory reset, upgraded and reconfigured to function exactly like brand new 10/10 (sometimes better). They may be a few years old, but because I bought them from corporate companies – they are well maintained scoring 9/10 in cosmetic appearance.

Because I know there are many moms out there like me, which is why I started my business Computers for Moms to help moms invest in affordable fast and functioning computers or laptops for their children.

Enable your children in their HBL. Support their education.

If you are not sure about what specs to look out for, speak to us anytime!

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